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The Playing, Praying, Laughing, Learning,  Worshipping & Testifying bible games.

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Remember hearing a powerful testimony of how It is written… was given 

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About the Game

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Experience the Joy in the Word

Imagine you are with family and friends sitting around the dinning room table fellowshipping with love and laughter. Praying for one another, sharing the word or even singing your favorite praise and worship song together. All because of a game. Experience all that and more when you play It is written… the playing, praying, learning, laughing, worshipping, and testifying bible game. But wait! There’s MORE, develop leadership, listening and negotiating skills with the new bonus game called  The Shepherd. You are going to love it. You get two games in one.

What the Game Does?

The MORE you PLAY the more your GROW

Increase Your Faith

Because you have to say each scripture out aloud you will increase your faith because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Prayer Warrior

You build confidence by praying in a small group. The game makes you pray, take prayer requests and receive prayer.

Bolder Christian

It makes you bolder because everything you learn in the game equips you to be bolder in your faith, like sharing your testimony.

You learn Scripture

You have to study and recite the scriptures in 60 seconds, it's fun but you learn even when you choose grace and have to share the scripture.

Closer to God

You know that when you study the word, pray, give thanks to God, praise and worship God, it draws you closer to Him.


Listening to all the testimonies, prayers, scriptures, thanks giving and praise and worship songs, you become a worshipper

Listening Skills

Everyone that plays The Shepherd has to hear each person and present their findings in the scriptures, so listen carefully or you will loose points.

Negotiating Skills

When you play The Shepherd their can only be one winner per round, you have to negotiate your way to win.

Leadership Skills

When you are the Shepherd you lead the sheep and make the final decision as to who wins that round.

Closer to Family

It has been said that a family that prays together stays together.

Who is the game for?

Let's Play

Do you Remeber?

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Why They Love Us

Diana Chodeva
Diana Chodeva
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"It is Written" has to be one of the most creative ways I've come across of learning the Word of God and building fellowship amongst friends and family. This is a board game straight out of Heaven!!! I've been able to gift my loved ones this amazing game and we are so grateful for the lessons learnt. Love it 🙌❤️ Highly recommend.
Shane Pretorius
Shane Pretorius
Read More
It is Written, is a powerful family game, that goes beyond being game to being a powerful spiritual growth tool.
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